Body, Dent & Smash Repair Gold Coast

Recovering from an auto accident is more than just dealing with the insurance company for compensation. It is about getting your vehicle back in premium shape through the best smash repair Gold Coast has to offer. Viking Prestige Body Repairs offers the help you need to eliminate any sign that your vehicle was ever in an accident.

Affordable Smash Repair in Gold Coast

Viking Prestige offers you all of the help you need to leave your accident in the rear view mirror. We take care of everything you need for smash repair Gold Coast. Leave it all to us so we can provide you with the best service you need to get your car back on the road. We offer comprehensive solutions to all your repair needs while maintaining an eye on affordability.

We not only offer affordable expert services, but we also get your vehicle back to you faster. We understand what it is like to be without your car or to drive a car in less than perfect condition. Let us help you to get your vehicle back to perfect operating condition in no time.

Gold Coast Smash Repair Today

If you are in need of the best smash repair Gold Coast has to offer, contact us at Viking Prestige Body Repairs today. We will be glad to give an estimate for what the repairs will cost. We can then get right to work on restoring your vehicle to that brand new look you cherish. We will be glad to offer you a consultation today when you call us on 0407 163 720 or email us

Maintaining the brand new appearance of your vehicle is possible with the best body & dent repair Gold Coast has to offer. Viking Prestige Body Repairs offers you the help you need to restore your vehicle to like new condition after a smash or dent. We not only offer the kind of help you need to remove dents, but we also can help to retouch, repaint or repanel your vehicle. Our team of experienced body repair professionals has repaired everything from minor damage to massive wrecks. Come see how we can help your car to look like new again.

Better Body & Dent Repair in Gold Coast

Viking Prestige Body Repairs can assist in the removal of minor dents caused by door dings, hail or other kinds of damage. These problems generally need very little in order to repair and in most cases, the dent can be removed without having to do any repainting. The surface of your vehicle will appear as if there was never a dent in the first place with the best dent repair Gold Coast has to offer.

As a complete body repair shop, we have all of the tools and equipment needed to remove dents from your vehicle as well as other body repair services. We can help with restorations as well as maintaining the new condition of late model vehicles. Take advantage of all our services.

Painting and Gold Coast Dent and Body Repairs

Our professional team at Viking Prestige offer you all of the professional body repair services you need. Everything from minor dent repair Gold Coast car owners need to major repairs is within our abilities. Bring your car to us when you want the work done right the first time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and we will gladly give you an estimate for repairing your vehicle. Call Viking Prestige today on 07 5522 0428.